WINFIELD, WV (WOWK) – It was a packed house in Winfield for this ‘war on 34’ season opener. It was rumored this would be a record-breaking game in terms of attendance, and it sure felt that way.

You can check out highlights above!

The game went scoreless for the first five minutes, but then Hurricane got a set of four downs inside the 10.

The Skins finished it off with a handoff to Jeremiah Riffle; he was hit in the leg, but rolled into the endzone for the first score of the game.

Winfield on the drive next, he handed it off, and his guy goes swinging around that left side, but he stumbles, and fumbles. Hurricane’s Bryson Murrell with the scoop and score.

The Redskins go up 14-0 fast.

Another set of four downs for Winfield and its back to Hurricane again.

He stepped back and launched it towards that right sideline, but it was picked off by Winfield’s Toby Laughrey.

Unfortunately for the Generals, that’s about all they could manage in the first half.

Hurricane scored again before the break to go into halftime up 28-0.

In the second half though, Winfield battled back. Outscoring the Skins 21-20.

But it wasn’t enough for the win, the final 48-21.

Here are what both head coaches had to say before this matchup in our weekly ‘Coaches Corner’: