HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – The Payne brothers have been battling on the field together since they were just little kids.

“I played with him since I was four or five years old,” said Toby Payne, the younger brother, in an interview with 13 News back in 2018. “Ever since midget league. We have a special bond, it’s just like playin’ backyard football.”

Then, they went on to dominate in high school.

Poca was on a 39-game losing streak, the Payne brothers showed up, and the Dots finished 9-1 that year.

Now, they’re playing together again, on the same team again, but this time at the highest level in college football.

“I honestly didn’t think I’d be here right now,” said Toby. “I didn’t think I’d be playing football at the next level. So this is honestly awesome.”

Toby is beginning his first season with the Thundering Herd.

“Yesterday I was soaking it all in like… wow,” Toby said. “I’m a college football player now.”

Ethan Payne, the older brother, is entering his second year in Kelly Green.

“Definitely the speed of the game, I’ve really developed that I think. But I still have a long way to go,” said Ethan. “Last year, it was ‘wow this is fast’ and this year it’s kinda slowing down for me. I can see holes better.”

Both say they’re so glad they have each other to lean on, again.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Ethan. “A lot of the players say ‘I wish I could play with my brother in college.’”

And it does make things more fun!

“Before practice, I’ll quiz him on the days,” said Ethan. “Show him what to do, what not to do. How not to make BA mad. Wakin’ up before 6am. I’ll text him every morning like ‘you up? you up?’”

Plus, it makes it easy for mom and dad, who now own quite a bit of green.

“Now they are, yeah,” the brothers said. “They didn’t own a single piece of green because of Winfield, but now they have all kinds so…hahaha.”

From elementary school, to high school, and now college.

Fighting side by side, with your brother. 

A special experience that not many people can have.