CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – In this week’s episode of ‘Hangin’ with the Herd’ we talk fall camp, as it started Friday!

“It doesn’t matter what play we call, it doesn’t matter what we wanna do. If we don’t have the players that can do it, we’re gonna be in trouble,” head coach Charles Huff said in a press conference Thursday, one day before the start of fall camp. “So when we looked at last year’s team, we had a lot of good players. We just didn’t have enough of them.”

Huff added 48 new guys to the roster; 24 high schoolers, and 24 transfers.

One of those guys is a pretty experienced quarterback, Henry Colombi.

“I think it’s just taking it one day at a time,” said Colombi. “I mean this is like my sixth fall camp, haha.”

The transfer from Texas Tech validated Huff’s statement, when he said the coaching staff went out and collected some serious talent this offseason.

“The depth on this team is pretty fascinating,” said Colombi. “You have 2s and 3s that could be starters somewhere else. And I just think spreading the ball around will be important, and getting the ball in playmakers hands.”

And as for the quarterback competition…

“Each quarterback in this room has something different that they bring to the table,” said Colombi. “And just being able to learn from each other, bounce ideas off each other in film and out there in practice, it’ll be really important for all of us. 

We have a really young group, a bunch of freshmen, some sophomores, and me,” Colombi continued. “So I’m looking to be the older guy that I used to look up to, and teach some guys what I’ve learned along the way. I’ve been behind a couple great quarterbacks so being able to teach those guys will be important for me and for them.”

“This town, this community, this university is a special place,” said Clint Trickett. “You’ve heard that. I heard it before I got here.”

Clint Trickett isn’t brand new to the program. He joined the Thundering Herd last year, and was in charge of the quarterbacks. 

But now, he’s entering his second year; this time as offensive coordinator.

“Now I’ve actually got to live a full year in Huntington, be around this school, the alumni, these people, the players. Everything people have said about this program is true,” said Trickett.

“I can’t believe it’s the last one,” said redshirt senior Koby Cumberlander. “I’m very blessed to have spent my time here in Huntington. The people are absolutely amazing. It’s a place I’ll cherish forever. I’m just ready to get after it with the boys.”

Cumberlander is entering his last season with Marshall, and says this team feels different.

“I’ve been here a long time,” he said. “I’ve seen the good and the bad. But being here, this year, you can see everyone’s a lot closer. It’s not as cliquish. I feel so comfortable with this team because these guys buy into the program, and there are no selfish guys on this team. It’s all about being together, as a whole.”

Marshall finished last season 7-6, under Huff’s first year as head coach.

Fall camp is now underway, with game one in the Joan vs. Norfolk on September 3rd.