CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The Basketball Tournament tips off in less than a week, and ‘Herd That’ – the team made up of Marshall alumni – has finalized its roster.

Jon and Ot Elmore, Stevie Browning, James Kelly, Derek Cooke Junior, Ryan Taylor, Trey Porter, Santino Ditrapano, Cameron Young, and Rondle Watson will make up the Marshall alum squad.

‘Herd That’ will face the ‘Founding Fathers’ on Sunday 7/24 at 5pm.

If ‘Herd That’ wins, and ‘Best Virginia’ wins their first round game, the two will go head-to-head in the second round on Tuesday at 8pm.

The full TBT schedule can be found here, and you can buy tickets here.

‘Best Virginia’ finalized their roster a few weeks ago, more information can be found here.