CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Marshall football held a press conference today to update everyone on a few things like recruiting, NIL, the 4th quarter program, and who is preparing for Pro Day. 

Huff spoke about what recruiting has been like since the bowl game; he says the transfer portal is still flooded, and NIL is very much real.

“Quick story – there’s a university very, very close to here that called one of our starters and wanted to know if they’d be interested in coming to their university for some NIL,” said Huff. “It’s real. It’s not just ‘oh we hear about it.’ It’s really happening. There are multiple players on our roster that are getting calls and opportunities to go other places to play for bigger NIL deals, promises, contracts, whatever you wanna call it. I think we’re in a unique spot, we haven’t lost anyone to NIL yet. But I think that day is coming.”

There are two other big things he touched on.

First, the fourth quarter program, which is something assistant athletic director for sports performance, Ben Ashford, created to help the team in the offseason. Huff says he attributes a lot of their success this fall to a strong ‘4th quarter program’ they had last year. The year prior, it was affected due to COVID.

As far as the guys who either graduated, or have no more eligibility left, Huff says most of them are working out now, getting ready for Pro Day. That is, all but one, who is still making a decision on what to do.

“Everyone who has decided to come back has announced,” said Huff. “I’ll be honest, Owen Porter is still deciding, still gathering information. He’s in a unique spot because probably without 9.5 sacks, he doesn’t have the body of work to put himself on the platform of being drafted or getting a free agent opportunity. But he does have 9.5 sacks, so what is that value? Coming back, where does that put him? So he’s still the one gathering information. All the other guys who have not announced they’re return are doing what they can to go to the next level.”

Khalan Laborn and Steven Gilmore are down in Tampa, preparing to play in the Hula Bowl. Stacy Marshall is working out with Lee Smith in Knoxville. A few others have regional work out days, but will be back for Pro Day, typically held at the end of March.

​​We also spotted a few football players on the Marshall men’s track and field roster.

Men’s track and field is now back at the university for the first time in almost 20 years.

“I think it can be huge for us, and it can be huge for the football program to be able to offer that,” said track and field head coach Jeff Small. “I know in the past, we missed out on some good football players who wanted to run track but we didn’t have the opportunity to offer that to them. So if we can become that school where you can go to Marshall and play on a fantastic football team and also be able to run track, I think it’s a great opportunity.”

Rasheen Ali, Joshua Bowers, Jayden Harrison, EJ Horton, and Caleb McMillian are a few of those football players turned track runners.

This weekend, the team will run in the ‘Marshall Classic’ in the Chris Cline Complex. Going against Morehead State, University of Charleston, Ohio, Wright State, Cleveland State and James Madison.