CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Marshall football is preparing for a road trip to Greenville, where it’ll face East Carolina for the first time in two years.

The Thundering Herd is coming off of a decent win in their home opener, the final 21-17.

All 21 of those points were scored in the second half.

Marshall went into halftime down 3-0.

Out of the break, Albany started with possession, they scored fast and Marshall was down 10-0.

In Marshall’s first drive of the third quarter, Cam Fancher threw a short pass to Charles Montgomery who took it 19 yards to the house; from there, it felt like Marshall finally got the ball rolling.

Head coach Charles Huff said they brought in 30 transfers this offseason, and they all hadn’t competed in a game together yet.

So he wanted to make sure the guys could play ‘base football’ before they opened up the playbook more.

“Obviously as we got into it we found out more about what our guys were comfortable with,” said Huff. “What Albany was trying to do based on what they had seen from us. So we were able to come out in the second half and have a little more consistency. But in the first half, we were just trying to figure out who could play base football. Now, we could’ve gone out and found a way to put up 60 points. Then we’d go to Greenville, and get our face smacked in because you still have to block that guy, tackle that guy. The long run that the Albany quarterback had, two guys were supposed to have their eyes on the quarterback. Both of them were playing the dime. That’s base football. And that’s not a knock on those two guys, that’s again… they get in the game, they get excited and want to make a play. So that’s what we were trying to figure out. Who can play base football.”

Tune in Wednesday night at 6pm for a look at East Carolina and what Marshall will face this Saturday.