CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Darnell Wright is now in Chicago.

The Huntington High and Tennessee grad went as a top ten pick in last night’s first round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Wright is the first West Virginia native to go as a top ten pick since Curt Warner in the 1983, and the first one selected in the first round since Randy Moss, 25 years ago.

Wright’s high school head coach Billy Seals was in Knoxville at Wright’s draft party.

Seals got back into town Friday afternoon, and says he’s so thankful he could be part of that very special moment.

“Darnell called me earlier in the week and said ‘I’d love for you to come down, I’m having a little private party.’ So that was special for me and my family, just to share that moment with him. But that’s where he wanted to go. I think he has a really good relationship with the Oline coach, and management and everything. He would’ve been happy with wherever he ended up, but when Chicago made the call there around pick seven he was excited. Got that big smile on his face, and he was happy where he was going.”

Seals went on to say this is a great thing for the City of Huntington, because it shows that you can come from Huntington and be something special.