(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Hurricane “Lane” is beating a path to the Hawaiian Islands and is expected to impact the state today. 
  Classes are canceled and the Navy has moved its ships out of harm’s way.
  Thousands of people across the islands are preparing for the storm to hit.  
Lane has lost some punch, it was downgraded from a category five to a category four hurricane… But it’s still packing 130 miles per hour winds and it’s moving slowly…..
The storm could drop as much as 20-inches of rain.

   Nearly 5000 miles from Hawaii the state’s Little League team took on Staten Island Wednesday night in South Williamsport.  Hawaii won 10-0.  
    But while getting the ‘W’ is important… Players and coaches also have their minds set on the developing situation back home.

“You know, I’ve contacted some of the family back home. Just getting preparation ready… filling up the gas tank… water… canned goods… Not really much you can really do. I mean it’s just be prayerful. They’ve been calling us, informing us of anything update, but other than that we’ve just had mobile app updates and some of what we see on the news… So not really much we can do but just keep in contact with them.” Said Willis Kato, Coach Hawaii’s Little League Team
Hurricane “Lane” is expected to impact the Hawaiian Islands starting this afternoon.  The last category four to strike the Hawaiian Islands was back in 1992, killing six people.