CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – It’s another scorcher today with peak temperatures reaching 95 degrees in much of the Tri-State. And it just so happens that more than a thousand athletes will be in Charleston this weekend for the AAU regional track meet.

The weather isn’t ideal for these athletes, but organizers of the meet are taking all of the precautions to make sure everyone is safe.

This includes having extra water on-site, paramedics on the facility at all times, and Marshall University athletic trainers on-site as well. Health officials say staying out in the heat for long periods of time can turn into a medical emergency if you don’t listen to your body.

That’s why event organizers say taking all of the proper precautions is extremely critical as the athletes are young and exerting a lot of energy. “Safety is our first concern here, even up in the stands. We also want to thank the city of Charleston, we have their EMTs on premises at all times,” said Doug Carte, the facility manager at Laidley Field.

Aubrey Ways, a hurdle coach in Dayton, Ohio offered advice for athletes as well. “It’s just about staying hydrated, making sure you have the nutrients in you that you need. Making sure you’re waking up in the morning eating your breakfast and you have your snacks with you all throughout the day, eating your lunch. But most of all water and anything that you use as far as rehydrates.”

The event is supposed to bring in more than 4,000 people, so it’s expected to be a huge economic impact for Charleston.