HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – If you’ve ever been to football, baseball, softball, soccer, or basically any sports matchup there’s a lot of excitement from the stands. The loudest voices there are usually the parents.

Several parents in Cabell County say once the game or match starts, they want to be right here in the bleachers, cheering on their kids. However, attending every game can get expensive.

Cindy Legg says she has four children who play multiple sports. “Baseball, football, soccer, tennis, you name it, they’ve probably played it,” Legg says.

When the buses leave, she and/or her husband are not far behind. Zac Littleton, the dad of a young girl who recently started playing travel softball says they have traveled for little league in the past and the expenses add up.

“You travel from here to Charleston, to Kentucky, to even Tennessee. Gas money the way it is now, hotels, food while you’re there, it adds up,” Littleton recalls.

With one child, Littleton says it can cost from several hundred to even $1,000 a year. Parents with multiple children like Cindy Legg estimate they spend close to $6,000 a year.

Both Legg and Littleton say this is quite a bit to take out of their yearly budget but even with the overall cost, they still believe it’s well worth the money.

Legg encourages parents to “Go make the trip, go travel with them because one day it will be gone.”