BUFFALO, WV (WOWK) – Man traveled to Buffalo tonight, the Billies entered this one on a four game win streak.

Could they keep it rollin’?

Bison with some trickery to start the game, a surprise onside kick!

Check out highlights above!

It bounced a few times before Buffalo fell on it, what a start for the Bison.

They capitalize on it, Bradley Harris bounces to the outside, gets a block and he’s in.

Buffalo takes the early 8-0 lead.

But here come those ‘Billies, with maybe one of the best runs of the year.

Jim Green fakes out our camera man and watch the moves, he leaves three defenders on the turf, jukes out another one and then puts on the burners to score.

This one was a high scoring affair, Man walking away with the 49-28 win.