CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Sun Belt media days for basketball is going on down in New Orleans.

Marshall head coach Dan D’Antoni and top scorer Taevion Kinsey are there, representing the Thundering Herd.

Today, Kinsey was asked why he chose to come back for one more year instead of entering the NBA draft.

“Having the core guys back, having the unit back, it just brings a lot to the table,” said Kinsey. “We know we didn’t have the best season last year, so I think it was kind of a no brainer for us to come back. My loyalty lies here, I bleed green and I tell people that every day. Our fans come out, support every night. We’re a unit, we’re a family on and off the court. So I didn’t wanna lose that, and I didn’t wanna go in making a decision to leave after a bad note like that. So I wanted to make sure we ended this thing right and that we all came back on one accord and try to pull this thing together.”

The women’s team was also in New Orleans for media days, both head coach Tony Kemper and junior guard and West Virginia native Abby Beeman were there representing Marshall.