CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – We are just five games away from conference play for Marshall hoops; the Herd sits at 5-3 right now, and will face Bluefield Wednesday night.

These early games give the coaching staff an opportunity to evaluate players before the contests start getting big. And in these past eight games, the Herd has struggled to come out of the gate firing.

Instead, they’ve had slower starts, and seem to struggle to get something going in the first half.

Head coach Dan D’Antoni says they changed up the starting line up a bit before their last game against Duquesne on Saturday, adding they’re working right now to find that rhythm before conference play begins.

“Just gettin’ better,” said D’Antoni. “Just runnin’ our stuff. Making sure it’s clean and we have a good rhythm, a good flow, as far as who’s playing and each person playing with each person, so that’s what we’ll be looking for mostly. Although we are playing a quality opponent.”

The Herd tips off against Bluefield in the Cam Henderson Center at 7 o’clock.