HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Marshall football players Rasheen Ali and Pete Zamora held a camp for youth athletes in the Jewel City Saturday morning.

The camp was open for athletes ages 8-18 and was free to attend. Ali said he was happy with the turnout and enjoyed spending time in the community.

“It means a lot and that’s the ultimate goal because just to get us involved with the community and it’s just super important to us,” Ali said. “It’s fun because we do so much on the field and we’re usually not involved in the community so the big goal is to get us more involved with the community and touch lives that walk around in the area and that watch our games.”

Zamora, a freshman in his first season with Marshall, said he wanted to teach the kids about the aspects of football not normally known.

“The intangibles of football I guess you can say. The hard work, the work ethic,” Zamora said. “The things that you don’t learn at the gym or the weight room or on the field. The thing that you learn just by spending time with your players and just understanding why we do what we do.”