CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Marshall football is getting ready for another road trip, this time heading to Bowling Green.

The Thundering Herd is coming off of a historical win in South Bend, where they upset No. 8 Notre Dame, 26-21.

They now sit at 2-0, and are facing a Falcons team that is on the other end of the spectrum, collecting two losses in their first two weeks.

Bowling Green lost week one to UCLA, the final 45-17, then lost last week in overtime to Eastern Kentucky.

Falcons head coach Scott Loeffler knows what his team is going up against in just three days.

“Arguably Marshall could be the best team we play all year long,” he said. “They’re fast, they went into the transfer portal and fixed areas where they had some holes. And to be quite honest with ya, in all three phases they’re loaded. Just looking at their talent, this is equivalent to playing a Big 10 team. You don’t walk into South Bend Indiana and dominate the game the way they did if you’re just average.”

Marshall head coach Charles Huff says that last week, against Notre Dame, it was about making sure you’re putting the right guys on the right guys, but this week will be more about challenging their discipline.

“Last week, it was more of the bigger, stronger, have to make sure you’re fitting the right guy, making sure you got eyes on the tight end based on his alignments,” said Huff. “This week is going to be more identifying the entire formation, and understanding the communication with checks, versus motion, empties, different formations, play action pass. They can’t run up to tackle the football, cause they’ll be behind you. So this week is gonna challenge our discipline in how we play. Not necessarily the physicality or the moment, meaning ‘hey I know on 3rd and 5 they’re gonna get the ball to his tight end so I have to get on him.’ This week it isn’t going to a certain guy, it’s gonna be going to where you’re not. So you have to be where you’re supposed to be.”

Kickoff in Bowling Green is set for 5pm on Saturday.

We’ll have highlights and postgame interviews both on air and online.