CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Marshall football lost a heartbreaker this weekend, in overtime, to Bowling Green.

Tuesday, the players and head coach Charles Huff reflected on that loss one last time.

The Herd came out hot, putting up fourteen points in the first three minutes.

Bowling Green started creeping back though, capitalizing on Marshall’s mistakes.

Herd quarterback Henry Colombi threw a pick late in the second quarter that turned into six points for the Falcons. Running back Khalan Laborn had two fumbles, and one of those also resulted in a Bowling Green touchdown. Fourteen points right there, scored off of turnovers.

The Marshall secondary struggled against the pass as well, not able to stop Alabama A&M transfer Odieu Hilaire, who posted two touchdowns.

“Laborn owned it, the defense owned it, the coaches owned it… it’s a collective and individual ownership of poor performance,” said Huff. “It’s all of us. If the offense turns the ball over, it’s the defense’s job to go and get the ball back. And vice versa…when we don’t play well, we all have to own it.”

Regulation ended, tied at 28.

In overtime, the Herd’s drive ended in a field goal. Bowling Green’s finished in a touchdown, which ended the game; Falcons winning it 34-31.

“You can’t dwell on it,” said Laborn. “You just put your best foot forward and learn from your mistakes. And just keep trying to put your best foot forward and stick with your fundamentals.”

“It’s like any other day, any big win. We take a day to celebrate, or get over it,” said Colombi. “We know we still have everything ahead of us that we’ve been aiming for since the beginning of the year. With conference play coming up, a new conference obviously, and I don’t think anyone here has played Troy… so it’s an opportunity to go to Troy, Alabama, and start off the conference right.”

“We’re built for this,” said junior linebacker Eli Neal. “We’re built to be able to showcase our identity when it’s time. To be able to withstand those tests. So just going along with the program, and how Coach Huff has instilled in us, moving on to the next play and focusing on Marshall, focusing on us, has made that transition way easier.”

Huff said in today’s press conference that against Notre Dame, there were 11 ‘Marshall Beaters’, meaning mistakes that could cost them the game. In this game against Bowling Green, he says there were 21.

“I don’t think the kids had a lack of focus at all,” said Huff. “I don’t think they went into the game thinking ‘we’re better than them’ or ‘they’re not good’… I don’t think that at all. Because we had almost 600 yards of offense. So we still did some good things. Defensively we played really good against the run, which is something we’ve been harping on. So we did a lot of good things, we just couldn’t take care of the football and not beat ourselves.”

Huff and the Herd now travel to Troy for their first Sun Belt Conference matchup.

Kickoff is set for 7 o’clock Saturday night, you can watch it on the NFL Network.