HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Marshall football travels to South Bend, Indiana this weekend to face a top ten nationally ranked team in Notre Dame.

This will be a big test for Marshall, who is coming off of a statement win against Norfolk in their home opener; where five different guys found the endzone to win it 55-3.

The Herd is visiting one of the most historic programs in all of college football on Saturday. The atmosphere will be a hard one to play in, and for some of these guys, it’ll be their first experience playing on such a big stage.

Quarterback Henry Colombi has been in similar atmospheres before, though. A transfer from Texas Tech, he’s experienced the bright lights and larger crowds.

“I think playing in big stadiums in the past have helped me out a lot,” said Colombi. “In the beginning, I was definitely shell shocked. Which some guys might be. But now, it’s just football at the end of the day. It’s not staring into the crowd. It’s not looking across and seeing the big guys in front of you… we’re all the same, we all play ball and it’s understanding that before the game.”

Notre Dame was ranked at number five heading into last Saturday’s season opener against No. 2 Ohio State.

The Fighting Irish ultimately lost that game, but they went into the break up three, and held the Buckeyes to just seven points in that first half.

Head coach Charles Huff says scoring fast and early isn’t necessarily their only focus.

“What we talk about with our team is complimentary football,” said Huff. “Just because it’s third and 18 doesn’t mean you have to throw it 18 yards. It’s not the last play of the game. Take what’s there, chuck it down, if Talik catches it and goes 18, great. If not, we punt it and let the defense go out and play. Same thing on Saturday. We don’t have to go out every time and score, it’d be great if we did. Obviously that’s the goal on offense. But when you start playing complimentary football, then the focus isn’t on scoring and stopping. It’s on being able to play as a team. And that may mean we have to drive on the last play of the game and win the game with a touchdown, that may mean we just need to run the clock out with a four minute offense, we don’t need to score.. we just need the first down. So I think playing complimentary football is more the goal then ‘how many points can we score.'”

You can find Huff’s full press conference below:

Kickoff in South Bend is 2:30pm.

The Week 2 AP Top 25 list came out, Notre Dame dropped three spots to No. 8.

You can find that story here.