CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – It was a thrilling night for baseball fans here in Charleston, as the famous Savannah Bananas visited the Capitol City.

Thousands of West Virginians and others from surrounding areas came to watch the show.

It was a wild experience to say the least, and started from the second the gates opened.

The line to get inside was wrapped around the ballpark, almost to SOHOs.

The show started at 5:30, with first pitch at 7, and these guys did in fact put on a show in that first hour.

There were so many kids there, just having the time of their lives.

Bananas owner Jesse Cole then went to find the ‘One Less Lonely Girl’, giving it to the little one on her birthday – so precious!

Now the show didn’t stop after the first pitch, it only got crazier.

There are some wild rules in ‘Banana Ball.’

One rule is, if a fan catches a foul ball, it’s considered an out.

There are no walks, instead, there are sprints. At ball four, the runner can take off and land on any base he wants, while every banana player has to touch the ball in order to tag him out.

The Dirty Birds got on the board first, after a hit to the gap in left field to score their man from second.

But, another crazy rule – whoever has the most runs in an inning gets a point for that frame.

“It’s fans first,” said shortstop Ryan Cox. “Everything you do is for the betterment of the fan experience whether it’s taking a picture, signing an autograph, just having a conversation with somebody. When you go to sporting events, you want to talk to your favorite players your favorite stars, I remember the players who took time to speak to me as a young ball player so it’s awesome to have that experience every day.”

You can watch some highlights and hear from owner Jesse Cole above!