CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Marshall football is back home after another road win, and now, these seniors are preparing for their final game in the Joan.

The Herd has been on a roll, winning four of their last five games.

Saturday, they beat Georgia Southern on their turf 23-10.

Quarterback Cam Fancher finished with 17 of 32 for 274 yards and two touchdowns. But the big story out of this one – was the return of #22.

Running back Rasheen Ali has been out all season dealing with injuries, and he suited up for the first time down in Statesboro.

This split the load for Khalan Laborn, who finished with 71 yards on 17 carries. Ali finished with 81 yards on 16 carries.

Now, as Marshall looks towards this weekend and their final game in the Joan, they can’t help but reflect on everything.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said defensive lineman Anthony Watts. “I’m thankful first for the second opportunity. Because a couple years ago, I thought that was my last college game. But I was blessed to be in a position where God gave me another chance. So I’ve been more in a thankful state of mind than a sad state of mind, like ‘it’s all over’, because I’ve felt that feeling of it being all over before. But now, it’s like… I made it to the finish line. I did what I thought I could and I beat a lot of odds.”

“You take the little things like in the locker room, kickin’ it with the boys and going to practice… even though sometimes your body does hurt to get up,” said defensive back Josh Bowers. “You get up anyway because this is your last ride at the end of the day.”

“Being here for 6 years I can’t believe how fast it went,” said tight end Devin Miller. “It’s been an awesome journey. I just hope we can cap it off the right way. You know senior day, have to give everything I can and leave it all out there.”

“It’s not gonna be the last game, but it’s definitely the last game in the Joan,” said running back Khalan Laborn. “It was definitely a year that was unexpected… and I’m glad God blessed me with helping the team out the way I did. But I’m just focused on the next team, the next game.”

Marshall and Georgia State kickoff in the Joan this Saturday at noon.