Stephen Curry’s legend has continued to grow in recent years. From becoming the NBA’s all time three-point shot leader to winning his fourth NBA title and his first Finals MVP, he has continued to ascend the all-time ranks. Specifically, some people have went as far as to say he’s the best point guard of all time. To that, Magic Johnson has a response. 

Johnson is widely considered to be the best point guard to ever live for his five NBA titles, three MVPS and three Finals MVPs and isn’t ready to surrender his place atop the mountain. During an appearance on the Zach Gelb Show, Johnson was asked he he thinks Curry has surpassed him as the best ever at the position and he did not mince words. 

“If he got more than five championships, if he got more than three Finals MVPs and three league MVPS, then he’s the greatest,” Johnson said. 

Johnson continued to list all of his statistical accomplishments and very clearly took issue with Curry putting placed above him.  

“If he got more than those numbers, he’s the best,” he continued. 

It appears in Johnson’s eyes, Curry still has a long way to go to be surpass him.