The Cowboys are often an easy target on sports talk shows, being arguably the most popular teams in all of sports. That sometimes leads to analysts going overboard on their analysis, like Bart Scott did on Friday.

During an episode of First Take, Scott, Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Clark were discussing Trevon Diggs’s season-ending torn ACL injury, and Scott attempted to make a joke at the Cowboys’ expense.

“This is a major blow for Dallas, and like Stephen A. always says, just wait, something bad always happens,” Scott said.

However, Smith didn’t want to be associated with joking about an injury, shutting Scott down immediately.

“I wouldn’t do that right now, in all seriousness,” he said. “This is a season-ending injury, so I’m certainly not going to joke about that.”

Cowboys pass rusher Micah Parsons also criticized Scott, saying this is part of the reason he doesn’t like to speak with the media.

“Just facts joking bout a man trying to feed his family and building a legacy!” Parsons said on social media. “ESPN gotta stop letting corn balls on tv!!”

Fans agreed with Parsons and Smith that Scott went too far, going as far as to say the former linebacker shouldn’t be allowed on First Take.