Despite Colorado football coach Deion Sanders’s high profile and strong personality, he’s just like any other father in at least one regard. He wants the best for his daughter.

Shelomi Sanders, 19, is a redshirt freshman guard going into her first season at Colorado. Asked about the women’s basketball team beginning practice this week, Coach Prime quickly made it clear how protective he is of his youngest child.

“That’s my baby girl and my heart,” Sanders told reporters during his weekly press conference. “I love all my kids, but I love them differently as I tell you all the time.” 

“She has a witness protection program with her brothers,” the coach added. “She’s never dated, and probably won’t get married until she’s 40.”

Sanders has made it known that he ranks his five children regularly. Shelomi, whom he’s nicknamed “Bossy,” appears to have slid in the coach’s most recent rankings.

“She’s consistently asking me for stuff, so she’ll never be one,” Deion said on The Rich Eisen Show last week. “She’s around 3 to 4.”

However, that ranking appears grounded in humor. Based on her father’s most recent comment, Shelomi holds a No. 1 spot with him.