CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – The WVU Men’s Lacrosse team will be at the Shawnee Sports Complex this Friday, September 17 for their season opener against Virginia Tech.

WVU will face off with Virginia Tech starting at 6pm.

This year will mark the 50th season for WVU Lacrosse. The 50th season would have taken
place in 2020 but was canceled due to Covid.

The team will be competing in retro uniforms to celebrate this special season. WVU will feature four local players whose high school teams made Shawnee their home fields in previous years. Jerrett Gaeger, Levi Miller and Jack Gaeger all graduated from George Washington High School and Christian Casto represented
the Putnam County Club team.

Commissioner Ben Salango stated, “I am excited to welcome the WVU Men’s Lacrosse team
back to Shawnee! I am proud that the team will showcase four of our local players. The fact
these players used Shawnee for practices and games during their high school seasons and
are now coming back as collegiate athletes shows the sport is growing in our area. I am
happy Shawnee is a part of that continued growth for lacrosse. Go Mountaineers!”

Commission President Kent Carper said, “What an exciting match up that will take place at
Shawnee between WVU and Virginia Tech. I want to personally thank WVU for putting faith
in our Complex to host such a great event. This is exactly why we built the Complex.”

Commissioner Lance Wheeler commented, “We are thrilled to have our complex open and
to provide a safe, outdoor space for the teams to play and for the fans to watch. It will be an
exciting night at Shawnee hosting the WVU Men’s Lacrosse team!”

WVU Men’s Lacrosse will play another round of games at Shawnee on October 23 starting at
noon against the University of Kentucky and Appalachian State University.