CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Former Marshall running back Brenden Knox and former WVU defensive tackle Darius Stills have signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Both spent their college careers at opposite ends of the state of West Virginia; but now, they’re on the same team. 

Stills and Knox both recently signed with Chiefs; something that feels like sort of a relief after the year each of them had.

Brenden Knox graduated from Marshall in 2020, and entered the 2021 NFL draft. He went undrafted. 

The Dallas Cowboys signed him later on, but let him go when active roster cuts were due.

Knox was faced with a year of uncertainty; but now, he can rest a little easier. 

“When you spend so much time down, it’s just a great thing to get back to it finally,” said Knox. “Especially when it’s something you love. I’m excited to get to it.”

“Going through that year without getting a call or anything stressed me out a little bit,” said Stills. “About what the future holds.”

Darius Stills also went undrafted in 2021.

The Las Vegas Raiders signed Stills in free agency, but an injury set him back.

“That’s really what they released me for,” said Stills. “I broke my finger and ended up having to get surgery on it.”

So it became a year of adversity for Stills too.

“For the first year in my life, I didn’t have football,” said Stills. “Every year, I’ve always had a set schedule. And this year it just didn’t happen. So it was kind of weird to adjust. But I got used to it and I thank my family for helping me out with that.”

Family to lean on, and now a brother from the Mountain State to lean on too.

“We’re both rookies,” said Knox. “So we’re gonna make a lot of the same mistakes. So we can learn from each other in that regard.”

Stills and Knox will both officially move to Kansas City this Spring to start training.

And even though things seemed to have settled for now, they won’t forget the challenges they faced over this last year.

“Appreciate what you have,” said Stills. “Because it could be gone just like that. Without you realizing it, without it being your fault, or anything. So, if you love something, just love that 100%, don’t take any shortcuts.”

Stills will join his father, who is already in Kansas City, and played for the Chiefs from 1999 to 2005.