(WOWK) — Temperatures this coming week will run a little below normal and there are small chances for some rain or snow as the week unfolds. Tuesday morning will feature lows in the low teens and that means there could be black ice in spots on roads, driveways and sidewalks early in the morning.

Model output for morning temperatures Tuesday 7 a.m.

Daytime highs will run below normal Tuesday before popping above normal Wednesday then back to normal and below the rest of the week.

The overall weather pattern shows a broad flow of wind at upper levels from the northwest, allowing for the colder air to move in and an occasional disturbance will allow rain or snow to form. The first such system comes into the region on Thursday. We could see some snow that sticks in the mountains.

Thursday upper air pattern on model output

Another system looks to swing in from the northwest on Saturday and once again the temperatures could be warm enough that we see rain mixing with snow. Much of this system could actually slide to the south of the WOWK-TV viewing area but much remains to be seen and changes to this path are quite possible.

Saturday upper air pattern on model output

The chance of precipitation is high but the amount of any accumulating snow is not a high-confidence portion of the forecast. Suffice to say there is a chance of snow and we will continue to monitor this. None of the models indicate much in the way of moisture, meaning there wouldn’t be much total snow if it did materialize. The image below is for snow Thursday if it all were to stick, but temperatures above freezing should cut those amounts largely.

Model output for snow Thursday if all were to stick

Stay tuned for more changes through the week to the forecast. We will inform you, as always, of any changes.