(WOWK) — Winds once again buffeted the region on Tuesday with some strong wind gusts. Some of the stronger gusts topped 30 miles per hour in the region. More toasty and windy conditions are on the way.

Maximum wind gusts for Tuesday

More strong wind is coming with daytime gusts on Wednesday up around 25 – 35 mph once again.

Predictor model output for wind gust speeds for Wednesday afternoon

The wind is expected to dip a little before bouncing back up very late Wednesday night / early Thursday morning.

Predictor model output for wind gust speeds late Wednesday night

The temperature will once again hop up into near, or above-record territory.

The records for Wednesday stand at 74 degrees in Charleston IN 1930. In Huntington the record for the date is 75 in 1930.

Thursday, records could fall for high temperatures as the February 23 record highs stand at 76 for Charleston in 2018 and 76 for Huntington in 1996. The forecast highs for Thursday are several degrees warmer.

When winds are strong, be sure to secure loose items outdoors and leave ample space around high profile vehicles such as tractor trailers, delivery vans or RVs.

Stay ahead of the weather changes by downloading and using the StormTracker 13 weather app. It’s free and you can get it by clicking on the link directly below.