(WOWK) — Storms moved away and skies began to clear Wednesday, but there has been a distinct haze and a milky tone to the skies between the clouds. What people are seeing is smoke that has come all the way from fires in Alberta, Canada. As of 6:30 p.m. the province of Alberta shows some 92 active wildfires.

The smoke has taken a ride on the upper level steering winds and arrived behind the cold front that came into the region with storms on Tuesday.

Smoke as detected by satellite Wednesday afternoon

The smoke in the atmosphere should lead to yellow, orange and red sunsets like the one seen Tuesday night in the Great Lakes area.

Sunset in Grand Haven, Michigan on Tuesday May 16, 2023 from Nexstar station WOOD-TV 8

The presence of smoke particles helps scatter out the colors in the light provided by the sun, and the longer, red wavelengths are the one’s that are most prevalent to our vision.

The smoke should ebb and flow over the next few days.

Model depiction of smoke – from: NOAA

The next rain coming will knock down some of the smoke then the area should run dry for several days.