CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – 27-year-old Blaine Stewart is entering his fourth season with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He joined the program in 2018 as a coaching assistant, handling the day to day operations for the offense and special teams.

Now, he’s in his second season as assistant wide receivers coach. 

“We’ve got some new pieces in place,” Stewart said. “So just trying to get better every day, continuing to build each week, and taking steps until we’re ready in September.”

Now you might recognize Blaine, or his last name. 

He’s the son of former WVU head coach Bill Stewart.

So, Blaine grew up with the game, and got to experience big moments at a young age; like the 2008 Fiesta Bowl win, which is arguably one of the greatest wins in Mountaineer history.

“Morgantown is home for sure,” said Blaine. “West Virginia has always been ingrained in me. Just the type of people that live there, the type of relationships we have there.”

Coach Bill Stewart passed away suddenly from a heart attack in 2012, months before Blaine went on to play college ball at James Madison University.

It was there, they found something wrong with Blaine’s heart too.

“I was really fortunate, you know, my freshman year,” said Blaine. “Dr. Diduch, our team doctor, found a little heart murmur. I’m really thankful that they found that when I was 18.”

They monitored his heart while he continued playing wide receiver for the Dukes, and eventually the University of Charleston.

He then joined the Steelers coaching staff in 2018; coaching under a man who has a relationship with him beyond the white lines.

“He’s a young coach that’s workin’ hard,” said Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. “And there isn’t a lot of acknowledgement for young hardworking coaches.”

Tomlin’s first ever coaching job was with Blaine’s dad, at VMI back in 1995.

After Bill passed, Tomlin told Blaine he’d always be there for him; and he has been.

Just a few months ago, Blaine had heart surgery to try and fix his heart murmur.

“They’ve been monitoring it,” said Blaine. “So all they did was go in and repair a valve. I’m almost four months out now, feeling really good, almost back to 100%. So I’m really thankful for him finding it and the great care in Pittsburgh that I got.”

Great care in Pittsburgh, both on and off the field; and it makes sense he’s fitting in so well.

“Wheeling isn’t too far from Pittsburgh, so the whole tri-state area…just blue collar,” said Blaine. “People waking up every day, and going to work. We just try to carry that same mentality here and make the people proud and just do the right things like the people in the valley do.”

And like his father did before him.