(WOWK) — Colder air returned to the region on Tuesday with temperatures running a good 25 degrees colder than the highs on Monday when highs reached the mid 70s. Up next is a series of cold nights and days at or below normal. In fact, a hard freeze is possible overnight.

Advice for protecting plants in cold conditions

The reason there is no official frost or freeze alert is because it’s not officially the growing season in the region.

The next round of precipitation coming in starts Friday as rain then even colder air arrives which means we could see some wet snow flying Friday night. See slideshow below for an idea of timing and placement of precipitation.

While ground temperatures should be warm, there could be some snow that sticks on the grassy surfaces by mid day Saturday.

Predictor model output for snowfall Friday into late Saturday morning – not taking melting into account

There will be several nights when the air temperature drops below the 32 degree mark as seen on the current 7 day outlook.

7 day forecast

Next week also features a greater than normal chance that it will be colder than normal.

We will stay on top of this situation and keep you advised.

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