BOYD COUNTY, KY (WOWK) – The Boyd County Convention Center is going on a week and a half of operating as a warming center.

“Since it started basically,” said Justin Pruitt, from the Boyd County Convention Center. “I guess 11 days or however long it’s been since that first storm. It’s been pretty much around the clock since.”

Pruitt and dozens of other volunteers have kept this center up and running through, and after, the storms.

“The phone calls, some were saying they were in need of assistance, but a lot of them were ‘what can we do to help’,” said Eric Chaney, Judge Executive of Boyd County.

At its peak, there were almost 70 people staying here.

“We’re down to about 8 or 9 people,” said Pruitt. “Most of them live on the same road. So we know that road was pretty devastated, and we know if that road gets back up, we can get them home.”

Pruitt adds that has been the best part of this experience.

“The best part of this whole thing,” said Pruitt. “Was getting to tell somebody who’s been sitting here 5 or 6 days like ‘Hey! You can go home!”

People like Pam Church.

You might remember her from last week. She was stuck here for days with her daughter, away from her husband and rest of her family.

Pruitt says Church finally made it home last night.

“There was a lot of emotion,” he said. “There’s been a lot of emotion the past two weeks. But we did everything we could to keep everybody comfortable.”

And even though it looks like the storm has passed, the help hasn’t left.

“You can see the grass out here finally got the snow off of it,” said Chaney. “But there are still areas that don’t have a whole lot of traffic on it, where ice is still compacted. We still have the EOC open. The National Guard is still here. We’re still rollin’ just like we were when this thing was at its peak.”