(WOWK) — Even as rain tapers off across the area Friday night, many in the flooded out areas are concerned about new rounds of rain coming for the weekend. There is a dry day anticipated Saturday before more rain can fall in the region. See the slideshow below for an idea of timing of the next round of storms.

Weather models differ on amounts of rain but not by much. See the different model outputs for Sunday’s rain in the slideshow below.

There are no current discussions about flood watches for Sunday in the flood zone but obviously the river levels are still high, the ground is still saturated and with rain coming, people will want to know if there is any flooding. There is a slight risk of what is called “excessive rainfall” over the region but with a day of extra runoff and the system showing some speed of movement, there are no current new watches for Sunday.

Excessive rainfall outlook for Sunday from the National Weather Prediction Center

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