(WOWK) — Much drier air has returned to the WOWK-TV viewing area bringing us perfect blue skies and comfortable temperatures. One way to measure the moisture is with the dew point. The lower the number the drier the air. Dewpoint temperatures in the low 60s or 50s would be considered dry air for the end of August. Wednesday afternoon dewpoints have been running in the 50s.

Dewpoint temperatures as of 3 p.m. Wednesday 8-31-2022

This dry air is expected to last at least one more day before those marks start to inch upward, returning to a very humid feel as dewpoints reach the upper 60s by the weekend.

Forecast dewpoints

The higher humidity also means the heat index will jump again by Saturday.

Forecast heat index for Saturday afternoon, Sept 3.

The increased humidity also means we will expect the chance of a few scattered showers and thunderstorms to develop in the afternoon heat. These would be very widely spaced and not very numerous.

Predictor model output for Saturday evening

The forecast for Sunday and Monday also calls for scattered showers and storms as a high pressure sets up to the east in the Atlantic and a low tries to come up from the southwest, meaning we have an increased flow of humidity into the area. It won’t take much to trigger showers and storms in the moisture rich atmosphere.

Predictor model output for Monday

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