(WOWK) — Temperatures are set to drop sharply as the skies clear on Wednesday night. In fact the region is under a freeze warning.

Freeze warning from late Wednesday night through 10 a.m. Thursday for much of the area.

The freeze warning is for a huge part of West Virginia, all of Kentucky and a huge chunk of Ohio as well as many surrounding states. Some areas not included like the West Virginia high terrain have already seen a plant killing hard freeze so the growing season is considered over there.

Anticipated lows for Thursday morning

The lows Wednesday into Thursday will cover a range of temperatures from the upper 20s into the low 30s.

After that the high temperatures climb for days. In fact with the normal high coming down now from the upper 60s into the mid 60s, the high temperatures by the start of next week could be 10 degrees above normal by the start of next week.

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