(WOWK) — Wednesday’s light rain will be followed by light rain on Thursday except in northern parts of the 13 News area. Friday into Saturday there will be a series of heavy bands of rain that could cause some localized water issues as seen by the chart below showing the risk of excessive rainfall.

Excessive precipitation outlook from NOAA WPC for Friday

The heaviest rain is still projected to fall in the northern third of the WOWK-TV viewing area where flooding is a distinct possibility. More than three inches of rain is possible in some spots north of I-64. A flood watch may be issued in the coming days by the National Weather Service.

Predictor rainfall total estimates through Monday

There won’t be nearly as much rain on Thursday or Saturday but there will likely be very strong wind gusts. Winds can easily reach 30-40 mph both afternoons and some models show winds stronger than that on Saturday. The model output below shows the projected gusts about 30 feet above the ground for Saturday afternoon in miles per hour. The actual speeds that are seen usually vary widely and can be several miles per hour less due to many other factors. Nonetheless that’s still strong wind likely coming and that can always mean spotty power outages.

Predictor wind model output for gusts in mph on Saturday

Be sure to stay weather aware and stay ahead of the situation by downloading and using the StormTracker 13 weather app. It’s free and you can get it by clicking the link directly below.