(WOWK) — Memorial Day weekend was much cooler than normal and there was even flooding in southern West Virginia, but the pattern is going to change and very hot weather is on the way.

Temperatures will climb steadily and be about 10 degrees above normal starting on Thursday for a few days. See the model output for high temperatures below.

Whether or not you want to call this a heat wave is up to you. There are two recognized definitions as you see below:

AMS glossary definition of the term: heat wave
Common perception of definition of the term: heat wave

While the region may not have three days of 90 degrees in a row, this is the longest, hottest stretch of weather so far this late Spring and it will definitely be uncomfortably hot for many people.

Rain chances greatly diminish after Tuesday.

Download and use the StormTracker 13 weather app. It’s free and you can download the app by clicking on the link directly below.