9/1/2023 – This Saturday, the Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Indiana Hoosiers in a college football game. The game will be exclusively broadcast on WOWK 13, but since WOWK was forced off the DIRECTV lineup on July 2, DIRECTV customers may not be able to watch the game unless the dispute between Nexstar and DIRECTV is resolved. DIRECTV customers are being urged to call the company at 800-531-5000 and demand that they restore WOWK 13 to their systems.

DIRECTV subscribers do have other options to view the game:

  • DIRECTV customers can switch their cable or satellite provider to another service. WOWK 13 has reached agreements with all other local distributors and is available on all of them.
  • WOWK 13 is also available on streaming services such as YouTube TV and Hulu.
  • As a broadcast station, WOWK 13 broadcasts its signal over the public airwaves to anyone with an antenna, which you can find at stores like Best Buy.
  • Many local restaurants and sports bars will also be carrying the game such as Billy Sunday’s Sports Grill or Brookse’s Grill.

WOWK 13’s parent company, Nexstar, is working hard to resolve the impasse with DIRECTV, but the company has twice turned down Nexstar’s offer of an extension. DIRECTV subscribers are again being urged to call DIRECTV at 800/531-5000 and complain.