HURRICANE, WV (WOWK) – The Hurricane baseball team is practicing to compete in next week’s state tournament.

The ‘Skins are hungry for a state championship this year, especially after coming so close last season, and falling to Bridgeport in the title game.

But for one senior infielder, just getting to this point, where he’s back on the field, playing again with his brothers, is a huge accomplishment.

It was April of 2020. The world shut down, and high school students across the state were sent home.

“We would just ride side-by-sides all day,” said Quarrier Phillips. “Hunt, hangout…”

Quarrier Phillips and some friends were riding side-by-sides on his family’s property in Kentucky, when he took a turn too fast.

“We rolled it probably seven or eight times,” Phillips said. “My seat flew out, and my legs flew out the window. So the side-by-side rolled over on top of them. My left leg was completely snapped. The tibia and fibula were both broken, and I could see the bone poking out of my leg sticking out that way.”

Phillips’ family called 911, and he was transported to a hospital in Kentucky. 

“They took me to a hospital in the middle of nowhere in Kentucky,” Phillips said. “And the doctors were kind of overwhelmed and couldn’t do anything about it. So we called Cabell. And I had to take an ambulance three hours to Cabell. I got there at like 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning.”

He went into surgery immediately.

“They decided on doing a complete metal rod in my left leg from my knee to my ankle,” he said. “It’s bolted in a few places. Then the right one, the bone was out, and in like 5 or 6 pieces.”

The news of his injury spread quickly throughout the community, to his friends, and coaches.

“I remember where I was,” said Hurricane baseball head coach Brian Sutphin. “You get that text… and then to find out how bad it was…”

Phillips spent a week in the hospital. After he was discharged, he had to use a wheelchair for about five weeks, before starting rehab.

“Like true Quarrier fashion, he did it with a smile and kept grindin’,” Sutphin said.

Quarrier worked hard to come back, so he could play in the 2021 season.

“His parents said he’s a tough one to say ‘hey you have to sit this one out…’ and he certainly has been,” said Sutphin.

Quarrier did sit out a few games during the regular season to give his legs a break here and there. But that changed in the postseason.

“…then we went to sectionals,” said Phillips. “And I was like ‘okay I’m gonna play full out, all the way through playoffs, and not sit games out.”

He fought through the pain, and competed in that state championship game against Bridgeport. 

After the loss, he took the summer to rest; to make sure he could come back 100% for his senior season, and finish it with his guys.

“This team is all the kids I’ve grown up with forever,” said Phillips. “We’ve played since little league. So it’s more trying to win one with them, and go out on that note.”

A high schooler, faced with a debilitating injury. Fights through it, while leaning on his own drive, and the community support around him.

“Quarrier’s story is such a unique one, and it’s certainly about perseverance,” said Sutphin. “It’s been fun to watch him get back and do his thing.”

Hurricane will face Bridgeport Friday in the state semifinals at Power Park.