UPDATE: Jackson Police say the “dangerous suspect” has been caught and is in custody. Police have identified him as Kenneth Sims of Michigan. No word on what charges he faces at this time. Police say all schools in Jackson County have closed for the day.

JACKSON, OHIO (WOWK) — Police in Jackson, Ohio are searching for a “dangerous suspect” after an early morning traffic stop.

According to Jackson Police, the suspect was pulled over around 3:00 A.M. Police did not give a name or description of the suspect but said he was from Michigan and had a previous criminal record. Police also found a weapon in the car. They say the suspect ran from police on scene.

They are now working to find the suspect on the ground and with a helicopter. According to police, they are searching near Jackson High School. Jackson Schools are currently on a two-hour delay while police search. Officials say that delay will possibly be extended depending on the search.