CAMBELL CREEK, WV (WOWK) – The family-owned DairyWinkle is a staple in the Charleston area for its delicious desserts, and it’s generosity for the community.

“Since we had plenty of space and parking, we had our first family Thanksgiving here. We had the room and plenty of food, so we opened it up to everybody,” said Kerry Elliosen, the DairyWinkle owner.

The owners of DairyWinkle have been giving out free meals on Thanksgiving day every year since they have opened. This is their 9th year.

With 400 pounds of turkey and all the fixings, they plan to feed almost 200 people in the community. Ketty says this wouldn’t be possible without the help of family and friends.

“I appreciate the support everyone is giving me this year, even more than normal,” said Kerry.

COVID-19 had turned the drive in, into a drive through.

“It’s very very simple. You just pull up, you tell them what you want. The dinners are already ready. They ask you what you want, what kind of dessert you want, and you get it and your gone…there’s also people sick with the covid that are not able to do it. So I just think it is a really good ide ,” said customer , Sandra Stone-Pritchard.