HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — You’ve probably seen advertisements on TV of companies offering to get your idea for an invention to a manufacturer.

Now, there’s a facility in Huntington which is helping people of all ages create breakthrough devices.

“Inventors and innovators love solving problems, and the best among them are good at finding new problems.”

Deacon Stone, director of the Innovations Center at the Robert C. Byrd Institute

The first step to solving a problem is inventing a solution.

The Robert C. Byrd Institute’s mission is helping people and businesses do just that.

“We also work with a vibrant set of innovators, inventors, engineers, and companies that want to take a thought, an idea, or a current concept to the next level, and our maker’s spaces are often where folks find their launchpad.” 

Deacon Stone, director of the Innovations Center at the Robert C. Byrd Institute

This facility says they’ve helped people create prototypes ranging from car parts to medical devices to military machinery using their innovative spaces.

“Not only can we produce a functioning product, but we can also help him save money along the way and streamline its process.” 

Morgan Smith, design engineer at the Robert C. Byrd Institute

Bolstering local innovators helps the Tri-State area, too.

Individuals and businesses here have come to the Robert C. Byrd Institute to produce parts and inventions more cheaply.

Null’s Machine and Manufacturing President Gregory Null of Huntington says having them create his prototypes has helped keep his costs down.

“This makes it cheaper and more accurate than the way I used to do it, with making a pattern out of wood and then pouring it out of plastic and then hoping that it worked.” 

Gregory Null, president of Null’s Machine and Manufacturing, Inc.

Officials from the Robert C. Byrd Institute say they are always open to helping folks create solutions to problems.

“Being able to rapidly prototype outcomes gives them access to take those on to grant opportunities, to opportunities to produce intellectual property, to work with our engineers, or technical services in a series of pieces of equipment sometimes over half a million dollars in cost, you can access with a low hourly rate.”

Deacon Stone, director of the Innovations Center at the Robert C. Byrd Institute

And maybe change the way the world works.

The Robert C. Byrd Institute says anyone can take advantage of their services and learning opportunities. To learn more, visit their website.