(WOWK) — After a Sunday filled with strong winds and fast moving showers, the region is once again set to have showers, strong wind gusts and it’s possible to even have some lightning in the area early Wednesday.

A potent area of low pressure aloft will pivot from the Deep South to the Great Lakes from Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Model output for winds at approximately 18,000 feet mid morning Wednesday

The net result of those stronger winds aloft and the presence of a trough of low pressure above us will be gusty showers. Some of those strong winds will find their way to the ground level. Current forecasts call for gusts up to or even above 30 mph Wednesday.

Model output for wind gusts late Wednesday morning in mph. The strongest gusts shift west to east through the morning

The showers will begin even before midnight crossing from Tuesday into Wednesday with the remaining scattered showers and a final “kicker line” of downpours racing across and out of the area by Wednesday afternoon.

There is the chance for isolated cloud to ground lightning with this storm system so thunder could be heard but it is not likely to be widespread.

Model output for places where isolated lightning is possible late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning

Temperatures will drop sharply on Thursday with highs in the 40s but the skies will be much clearer.

Meanwhile, as that same storm system ramps up in the deep South, places such as Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alabama could see severe storms with the potential for tornadoes in the second half of Tuesday into the wee hours of Wednesday.

Tornado risk area 7a.m. Tuesday – 7 a.m. Wednesday

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