UPDATE 12/25: The forecast is still on track with snow totals. The main limiting factor for snow totals will be how fast the system moves. As of 11AM 12/25 Snow showers will start to form in the region around 10am, and the heaviest showers will stop around 6pm. There will be another quick burst of showers possible before sunrise Tuesday morning, and we will see dry weather by Tuesday afternoon. Temperatures will continue to creep back up as we move through the next few days with above freezing temperatures expected throughout the day on Wednesday.

12/25 Snow Totals Projections

UPDATE 12/24: The forecast is still on track with eastern Kentucky and southwestern West Virginia seeing up to an inch of snow from this system. Southeastern Ohio and Nothern parts of West Virginia will potentially see 1-2 inches, and up to 4 inches will be possible over the Appalachian Mountains.

(WOWK) — Just as the area settles in to deal with brutal cold air after the morning snow Friday, weather models now show that we can see snow coming back to the area in a few days. See the slide show below for an idea of what is coming.

The snow will come from a weather system classified as an “Alberta Clipper” named after the source region in Canada and for the fast moving sailing ships of the 19th Century. Because these are very fast movers, they generally don’t last very long and aren’t capable of leaving much snow. Our very early call for snowfall is shown below.

First call on snow for Monday’s clipper system

Here’s another look at the kind of snow that is possible based on straight weather model output.

Predictor model output for snow on Monday through Tuesday morning

A few points should be noted:

  • These are very common weather patterns in winter
  • Their speed doesn’t allow them to leave much snow
  • However, the ground will be cold and only streets will see melting on Monday before the snow begins with air temps near 30. Snow will stick on the grass and cold surfaces.
  • High mountain areas can see more snow through Tuesday because the persistent west/northwest flow shoves more moisture filled clouds in from the Great Lakes up against the mountains so the air rises and we get more snow there.
  • If this is a daytime snow, much will melt on roads, but the refreeze could be particularly challenging after about 7 p.m. as road temperatures will crash rapidly.
  • Models can change in timing and placement so we will keep you advised.

For those who are tired of the snow, don’t worry: Warmer air is coming back at the end of the week. See the model output for Friday, December 30 below.

Model output of temperature on Friday, December 30, 2022

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