(WOWK) — Temperatures are set to rise close to record highs for the end of the week in what can be called the first mini heat-wave of the warm season.

Temperature forecast for the end of the week

These high temperatures will be close to the standing records for Charleston and Huntington for Friday and Saturday. The records for both days go back to a stretch of hot weather in 1934 when the hottest reading was 97 degrees in Charleston on May 21st.

Current record highs for May 20 & 21 in Charleston and Huntington

Because this is the first true stretch of hot weather this season, people should be very careful to acclimate to the heat and avoid heat illness.

Heat safety advice from: NOAA

While many people define a heat wave as three days of 90 degrees or warmer, there are other definitions such as this one listed below from the American Meteorological Society Glossary.

By that criteria, the run of 90s and even 80s on Sunday will qualify as a heat wave. Be sure to take precautions to not overdo it in the heat.

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