SMITHERS, WV (WOWK) — If you live in Smithers, West Virginia, you’ve most likely eaten at Burger Carte. We spoke with the new owners that are taking over this local favorite, family diner.

“It’s a little gem sitting onside of the road. It’s very iconic,” said Kylie Pilbeam, Manager of Burger Carte.

Burger Carte recently switched ownership.

“When you grow up around Smithers, it’s part of the community, it’s part of the fabric, and people have got stories after stories about coming here,” said Dave Allen, Community Relations Director of Par Mar Stores.

The two previous owners decided to retire. A sister company of Par Mar Stores is taking over.

“This is an iconic place in Smithers, I mean people all over this part of the country know about the Burger Carte,” said Allen.

Par Mar Stores says they will not be making any major changes to this diner, except for an outdoor sign renovation.

“I can assure you we have no plans to close this location. We have no plans to make any major changes whatsoever. The place is absolutely fantastic as is. Great food, why would we change anything,” said Allen.

Locals say they are happy their beloved diner will continue to stay open and serve family favorites.

“That’s probably our biggest seller here is our out burgers,” said Pilbeam.

The menu will stay the same, but some new items may be added. Workers at Burger Carte say it is a great atmosphere to work in, and they hope to provide the same satisfaction to their customers with their new management.

“We’re excited for this new adventure, so we would just like for everybody to continue to come and see us, and hopefully we can keep them all happy,” said Pilbeam.

If you’ve never been to Burger Carte, you can visit the restaurant at 175 Virginia Street in Smithers.