HURRICANE, WV (WOWK) – “It was miserable. It was like being put in a freezer,” said Mary Anne Wyrick, a woman sheltering at Valley Park.

Wyrick is just one of more than a dozen people sheltering here today.

“I was there in the house for two days, yes,” she said. “And that’s when my neighbor called and she came and got me and took me to the church. Because it was supposed to be like 10 degrees that night. And there’s no way anyone can survive that.”

Her house, like many others in Putnam County, lost all electricity.

“I put two blankets on me,” she said. “And just could not get warm. I mean my fingers were actually numb from being so cold.”

Wyrick’s neighbor brought her to the Teays Valley Church of God four days ago- a church that became a warming center for the first half of this week.

But, the church says they couldn’t accommodate the amount of people they had anymore.

So they shuttled everyone to Valley Park.

“I mean it warms your heart knowin’ people like this care,” said Wyrick.

“We know they’ve had a good amount of people which is why we wanted to open one on this side of the county as well,” said Andrew Gordon, a pastor at Winfield Baptist Church.

Gordon said they set up as a warming center for the night tonight for anyone who couldn’t get to the other side of the county; due to the road closure.

Route 34 has been shut down for days, due to trees falling and breaking power lines.

Still a mess, but slowly getting cleaned up, so that people like Wyrick can go back home.

“Maybe a week… maybe longer,” said Wyrick. “It’s honestly undetermined.”