(WOWK) — It seems the single most common question anyone in the region has is, “when will we get more snow?”

The first chance comes along on Sunday with an Alberta Clipper style system that races across the region on Sunday.

Predictor model output for Sunday January 23, 2022


Snow forecast for Sunday January 23, 2022

The next system that has been persistently showing up on the weather models is slated for Tuesday.

Predictor model output for rain and snow Tuesday Jan 25, 2022

The pattern on Tuesday is a very familiar pattern where the “middle” part of the region gets a warm feed of air so there may be snow forming above us but it either melts on the way down or melts on contact with warmer ground.

CONFIDENCE LEVEL FOR SNOW: Low for lowlands, High for mountains
AMOUNTS: Minimal – Generally just wet for the lowlands & Metro valleys in the WOWK-TV area with only light amounts in the West Virginia higher mountains of an inch or two.

The third chance for snow showing up on weather models comes along at the end of this next week any time from late Friday through Sunday. This system is very iffy on details.

Predictor model output for Sunday January 30, 2022

This model (GFS) shows a potent area of low pressure moving out to the Atlantic from the Carolinas and trying to “throw” snow back from the northeast into the mountains West Virginia with no snow in Kentucky or Ohio on Sunday. The European model has snow moving in late Friday from the west then a bigger area of “wrap around” snow coming in later Saturday.

The problem is, other models place the snow farther west (with more snow coverage in WV) and this system is still so far away and so many changes will take place that it’s nothing more than a chance of snow several days out. The only thing that has the interest of forecasters is that a fairly similar pattern does show up on several long-range models so it sends up a signal to monitor this time frame more closely in the long range forecast.

AMOUNTS: Not determinable with any reliability despite any output which may show up online

Be sure to check back on StormTracker 13 weather for more details on the Sunday snow and those chances later across the following 7 days and beyond. We’re always working for you!