(WOWK) — A bitter chill is expected across the region Wednesday night into Thursday morning with some places diving as low as single digits.

Predictor model output for temperatures Thursday morning

By late Thursday night, crossing into Friday morning, a band of snow showers is expected to move from Ohio into West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky. That snow will continue to move to the east across the day Friday. See slideshow below for an idea of how the snow will progress through the region.

Because the snow will fall during the daytime with highs in the low to mid 30s, the current thinking is that the amounts will be minimal and mainly relegated to the grassy areas, cold car tops, decks, and any other cold surfaces, while the roads will likely just be wet during the day Friday. See the projected afternoon road temperatures below.

Projected afternoon road temperatures for Friday afternoon

After the snow, the big concern will be a possible flash freeze Friday night. Lows could dip into the single digits heading into Saturday morning with all of those wet roads possibly freezing back over. See the road temperature projections below for late Friday night.

Because of the nature of the temperatures starting below freezing, rising above for several hours then coming back down below freezing, predicting the amounts of snow that stick is a challenge. However the amounts listed below pertain to the grass and other cold surfaces. There should be less than this on roads.

Snow forecast for Friday – Saturday as of Wednesday night

Air temperatures and road temperatures will crash for Saturday morning meaning another brutally cold start to the day.

Predictor model output for temperatures Saturday morning

However, warm weather fans have hope as a broad southerly flow of air sets up for several days, allowing the high temperatures to climb well above normal (mid 40s) by mid week.

Predictor model output for temperatures Thursday evening

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