(WOWK) — Rain is expected to change to snow across the region as we approach midnight and cross into Thursday. While some of the initial snow will melt, we do expect a few inches on the grass and also on top of at least a thin layer of ice as temperatures drop sharply.

Snow forecast Wednesday night – Thursday morning

Roads are already wet thanks to rainfall, but we expect to see the snow overtake the rate of melting after midnight, spreading snowy conditions to the east before dawn.

Future road conditions just after midnight, crossing into Thursday

Once the snow moves out (around 7 a.m. Thursday) we expect the snow to linger because the road temperatures will be well down in the low 20s.

Future road temperatures Thursday morning

Expect road surface temperatures to be below freezing until well later in the afternoon which is why we are so concerned about the formation of even a thin layer of ice beneath some snow. That setup greatly reduces traction for drivers.

Future road conditions Thursday morning

The official advisory areas for slick travel are shown in the graphic below but please be careful anywhere you see snow or ice on the roads.

Winter weather advisories through Thursday mid morning

The advisory simply means travel could be difficult. People should expect delays and should also add more time to get where they are going. Also the snow and ice won’t stop where the advisory stops. Expect slick conditions in the mountains as well.

Temperatures will not rebound and in fact the air behind this cold front is Arctic air so it will be dry and cold. Overnight lows drop to about 10 degrees Friday morning.

Predictor model output for temperatures Friday morning

Look for lows down into the low single digits on Saturday morning.

Predictor model output for temperatures Saturday morning

The next system that could bring us some more snow moves in on Sunday night and there is another system that could bring rain and snow next Tuesday. Stay tuned for more information on those possible weather systems.