CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)–A Kanawha County resident filed a lawsuit on Friday seeking to boot a state senate candidate off the May 10 ballot.

13 News previously reported that Republican candidate Andrea Kiessling, running for state senate out of Roane County, has come under fire from one of her opponents in the May 10 primary. Fellow Republican and candidate Joshua Higginbotham claims Kiessling does not meet the state citizenship requirement which states that a candidate must resident in West Virginia for five years prior to filing for office.

Kiessling has conceded that she lived, worked and voted in North Carolina in the past, but says she has met the citizenship requirement.

Higginbotham alleges that Kiessling lived and voted in North Carolina for part of the past five years.

On Friday afternoon, Alicia Stine of Kanawha County filed a 31-page lawsuit alleging much the same–that Kiessling did not reside in West Virginia for five years prior to filing. Stine’s attorney, Anthony Majestro, described Stine as a “concerned citizen,” worried that the state’s election laws are being violated.

Also being sued is Mac Warner, secretary of state, and Patrick Morrissey, attorney general.

This is a developing story…