Update 7:35 p.m. Wednesday: Wind gusts up to 40 mph have been seen in the region along a line of storms moving east at 45 mph. The will place the bulk of the storm energy out of the viewing area after 9 p.m.

UPDATE 7 p.m. Wednesday: The storms have developed and are sliding from west to east across the region. The storms are below severe limits but could have gusts up to 40 mph. You can follow along with VIPIR and NOAA weather radio by watching our Facebook Feed here:

Storms moving east at 7 p.m. – you can watch VIPIR Live on our Facebook feed here:

(WOWK) — Strong to severe storms are likely in the WOWK-TV area on Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday evening. All modes of severe weather are possible but wind is the parameter with the highest chance of taking place. A sharp cold front will run into high temperatures in the mid and upper 70s causing the storms.

Predictor model output for Wednesday evening showing a sharp cold front moving through the region

The risk of tornadoes is low but is not zero. The energy, lift and spin needed to produce tornadoes exists within the green zone on the map below. The window is about 4 p.m. until about 9 p.m. Once again the chance is low but we will monitor this closely.

Tornado risk region – 2 percent chance of a tornado within 25 miles of any point within the green zone Wednesday

The chance of damaging winds is a little bit higher in the region over the same time frame. Storms can produce some strong downdrafts. The chance of seeing a damaging wind report is 5% in the brown zone in the map below.

Damaging wind risk region – 5 percent chance of a damaging wind report within 25 miles of any point within the brown zone Wednesday

There is a chance of hail with these storms as there will be some very cold air right above the very warm air in these storms.

Damaging wind risk region – 5 percent chance of a damaging wind report within 25 miles of any point within the brown zone Wednesday

Hail Predictor shows the possible path of hail storms in the region, after 4 p.m. until about 7 p.m. in the image below. Obviously this is a model so changes are very possible but it gives us a sense of what is possible in the region and that we should plan for at least a little hail Wednesday.

Predictor model output for possible hail paths Wednesday afternoon and evening

While we do anticipate some heavy rainfall Wednesday and some lighter rain Friday and Saturday, the streams, creeks and rivers are very low so we do not anticipate flooding issues on a wide scale. There can always be a spot of city street flooding when rainfall rates overcome the drainage rate but overall, streams, creeks and rivers will be able to handle this kind of rain.

Predictor model output for rainfall through Sunday

Stay on top of the watches and warnings in the coming days and the changes in the weather by downloading and using the StormTracker 13 weather app. Be sure to enable notifications and location services for the app and choose “all warnings types” within the Storm Alert section of the app. It’s free and you can download it by clicking on the link directly below.